May 30

Dear Violin,


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Dear violin,

I await for the days were I can play you to my hearts content,

When I may be at peace with the beautiful music you create.

I love the diffrent sounds that you can make,

to corrispond with the other sounds and create a beautiful thing called,


And though you may not be human or living,

I will still treat you as my child,

Because the most beutiful things,

Are the most fragile.

And you are one of the most beautiful things I get the privlige of playing.

May 23

Multi Voice Poem: Be Diffrent


Be Different, By Me,Cassidy, And Estrella.

Is being different supposed to be a bad thing?

We are all different in our own way,

So we can’t all be bad.

Can we?


 We should start embracing our differences.

 Be a voice not a echo

 Some of the most famous people were different.


 Albert was slow to learning how to speak.

His parents consulted a doctor

 But he became a genius.

He was one of the smartest people in the world.


So be yourself, it will pay off in the end.


 Being different is being human

Be brave enough to be yourself.

Cassidys blog , Estrellas Blog


May 23

Traveling Japan, U.K, And Zimbabwe!

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If I were to go any where were would I go? That’s a hard question. I know I would definitely go to the U.K And Japan. But for the third one, I don’t really know. Maybe Zambia and Zimbabwe so I could see victory falls. It’s absolutely beautiful. I really want to go to Japan because over all it’s just awesome to me. And I would love to go to the U.K. because when Mrs. Hoke was telling us about how she went to college in the U.K ., it really sounded fun, and I decided it would be really cool to go to college in the U.K. I could look at colleges and great places to live.

I have never been on a airplane before, so I’m not really sure how they work. I would want to try flying though because one of my biggest fears is water, and I am not fond of boats. I would try to go to London last so that I wouldn’t have to think of what I would do if I were to move there the whole time. I would probably want to depart from Portland and go to Zimbabwe first around November. Then I would stay there for about a week visiting places like Victory Falls, Lower Zanbaezi National Park, and maybe just look around.

Then I would go to Japan for a week after that I would love to go to anime Japan, And the Pokemon Center, nd definitely J-World Tokyo. It’s only 2900 Yen to have unlimited rides! And it looks really awesome. And last but not least I would go to the Tokyo Anime Center! They have a huge Statue that looks just like Nightcore Realities Youtube profile pic. Then I would depart from Japan and go to London, I would go check out colleges Last. I would go to the British Museum.  I would then go look at  colleges, and after looking at colleges I would think about it while I looked around. I would then go home and tell my friends about my trip. I would tell them if I had made the decision to go to college in London. Then I would tell my family and them about my choices. I Think I would of had alot of fun with this trip. And with writing this blog. Goodbye.

May 13

How could people treat animals this way!

435230178_33bb0a346e                                                                                        crates_630                                                Photo Credit                                                                                                                                    Photo Credit

I was browsing for the internet to find any things that spiked my interset, And I found this horrifying news sight that told a terrible story. As I read all I could think of was how people could do these kinds of things to living creature. And Yes I do belive in humane slaughter of animals for food. There is nothing wrong with it. Its just our way of surviving. And if I where to kill a animal I would do it quikly and humanly. But this is just terrible. Everyone that has that job in that factory should go to jail. Its not right to kill anything in that mannor. Its like biting the hand thats litterly feeding you!

I couldn’t stand to watch the whole video that was provided. It was absolutely terrible. I wish I could just go to the factorys and let all the pigs free. Or take them to farms/Homes that would take care of them. Because after what they have been through, They dont deserve to be eaten. I would like to think that these people will come to there senses and see what there doing. And why havent the government stopped them! And I am starting to hate walmart and tyson even more than I already do! Well im never shopping there agian. I cant belive they would put there bussness over all of these poor animals lives and saftey. What jerks!

The videos shows pigs being kicked, hit, and thrown, as well as pigs being slammed into the floor to kill them. So beware if your chosing to watch. Here is the video. If you watched it then I hope you could see how terrible this is. And im not saying to go vegan or anything but i think this is absolutely terrible. If you would like to find out  I found another webstie on the topic here. Sorry for the depressing post but thats what spiked my interest. Bye.

May 12

The Social Forest Fire


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A eternal flame acting as a dance troupe as it burns the embers of the ground.

The trees acting as a step ladder for the fire as it reachs to the sky.

But what it is reaching for is unknown.

The flames jump to reach for some unnoticable,

Invisble prize in the sky.

the embers act as rolling dust,

when the flames land.

They  keep climbing higher and higher to reach the unknown but are completely oblivious

to the damage they are causing.

Because all they want to get is the unknown prize in the sky.

No matter what they hurt or what they do.

All they want is to be at the top to reach the prize in the sky.

Because we are the trees.

And society is the flames in the social forest fire.


May 7

3 Awesome blog’s!

For this blog the goal is to do a review on three blogs. So I found some awesome blogs in the deep corners of Edublogs. And this, Is what I found.

My friend Katie has a Awesome blog. She has a Great Poems and Lots of Vokis. I love her blog because I think she truley has a way with words. Its kinda cool to see your friends peoms and stories because you get to learn more about them. She always makes sure to get her job done, And comment on others blogs! Shes Funny and loves frogs.

For Another great blog that I think you should visit, is Alasias blog. She is newer to the blogging community but she has some great blogs. For example you can look here. I really liked her blog because she intruduced me to some newer blogs, and she seems like she had fun whrighting her blogs. You should go check her out and maybe comment on some stuff that you like.

And last but definitly not least is Connies Blog. She has a awesome blog with lots of fun and interesting posts. Her backround is super cool! She is a great poet. For example I will leave some links to two of her great poems Here, And Here. I also loved her post about the blue ringed octopus. It let me learn alot more about the creature, And she left alot of  links to places that I could get more info from.

So that was my blog about some really awesome blogs I found. If you found any others that you think I would like or you want me to check out your blog I would be glad to! Dont forget to check out these awesome blogs! Goodbye!

April 30

Watching The Night.


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As you sit on the ground looking out at the sky,

The sun goes down where the birds may fly.

You may see some stars or a satellite

Fly by in a burst of light.

And when The sun comes up the people shall rise

To meet you, and greet you,

To watch the night.

To watch the night as the Dusk comes to life.

As the wolfs howl at the moon,

And the mocking birds sing a grand tune

You may forget your worries,

And watch the night.

April 8

Week 5 blog: Favorites?!? I Know Some!


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     So for this week the topic was favorites. I don’t know really what to do for this so im just gonna try my best. So I know many people have similar favorites, And if that is the case with you and I leave me a comment telling me your favorites, or what we have in common! I like multiple things so Its kinda hard to choose which ones are my favorite. So, I recently became a KillJoy (Only some may understand) And me being a KillJoy I would choose My Chemical Romance as my favorite band. My favorite song by them? That is a really hard qeustion. Can I just love them all as my favorite? I can’t choose. My favorite single artist is NightCore of course. My favorite song by her is definitly Get out alive, Which is originally by three days grace but I like her version better. I LOVE Gaming my favorite game has gotta be probaly have to by Minecraft. I know that people always say that Minecraft doesn’t count in the General Gaming Genre But I think it does.

     My favorite book? Well im glad you asked because now im gonna go on a rant about Mortal Instruments. The amazing Series that was writen by Cassandra Clare called the Mortal Instruments is the absolute best book series that has ever been created (In my opinion). It is all about Demons, Angels, magic, vampires, werewolfs, Shadow hunters, Faeries, warlocks and much more of that awesomness. To learn more go check out my blog Here (*Cough* Shamless *Cough* plug *Cough*). So to get back on topic, My favorite villan is Joker. Joker is love, Joker is life. My favorite super hero is Thor!!! My favorite food is chicken alfredo. My favorite Youtuber is SkyDoesMinecraft. My favorite day of the week is saturday. And my favorite anime is attack on titan (I need to catch up so badly!). My favorite Instrument is The violin. My favorite animal is a shark I did a blog about them too Here. And my favorite town is sisters OR.

Favorite movie is the Mortal Instruments: City of bones. My favorite T.V show is right now is probably NCIS but will probaly be The mortal instruments T.V show that is coming out soon! My favorite mortal Instrument character is Magnus Bane! Favorite color(s) Is black and red. Well thats all I can think of at the moment so Don’t forget to Comment if you have similar intrests and/or Favorites! Good bye!

April 2

Blog week 4: Mortal Instruments con?!?


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      For all the mortal instruments fans, Or MI out there, Have you ever just wanted to celebrate the very existince of the mortal instruments? Well I know i do. The series is absaloutly wonderful and awesome. It is very celebration worthy. I mean, Even that golden line ‘”Whats wrong lil sis you look upset?” Sebastian said. “I cracked my nail posilsh slapping your worthless face, See?” She showed him her finger, Just one of them.’  Was Highley celebration worthy. How we all felt after reading that. “I require the highest of fives!”

I know there are many people out there who have yet gotten the privlege to read the book. But I highly recomend it. I would LOVE to have a day were everyone could just fandom about it together. (It would kind of be like book con but just for MI.) I Maybe even have the acters and actresses be there so we can Fangirl over them (Boys included). Even though everyone would be mad at them because they left so fricken much out in the movie. Which I am so glad they did mess the movie up because that led them to make a fricken T.V. Show Instead of movies. Its coming out this fricken year and I am highly exited.

With this being said it would have to be be in brooklen of course because thats were the books mostly take place. To add to it I would definitly make them set up a staition where you can kill fake demons. Like holiest of the craps that would be awesome. As for all the mundanes reading this and are like “What the crap is she talking about? Killing demons?!?” Read the books you shall understand. So that is what I would do if I could create a national celebrated day. Bye.

March 31

Week 3 Blog: Window to the Soul


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They say the eyes are the window to the soul.

They’re meant for looking and seeing.

But they’re also meant to tell.

To tell the story of the person that contains them.

You can see the emotion in their eyes.

But some eyes have a lock.

They pretend to be happy but are truly sad.

They try to never show emotion.

And those are the people with the most beautiful eyes.

But normally the most beautiful eyes,

have the worst stories.

And the worst stories,

have the most beautiful eyes.